Jesse Jackson: Jonesboro Man’s Death Shrouded in Mystery

Chavis Carter death

Rev. Jesse Jackson prepares to lead a peaceful march on the Jonesboro Police Department. At Jackson’s left is the mother of Chavis Carter. – Aug. 22, 2012.

Story and Photos by Steve Watkins

JONESBORO, ARRev. Jesse Jackson led a prayer vigil and peaceful march to the Jonesboro Police Department on Wednesday, calling on authorities to make account for a missing segment of video that would explain how a man died in the back of a police car.

jesse jackson and chavis carter

Chavis Carter

It’s a case “shrouded in mystery,” Jackson said, with “many unanswered questions to be pursued.”

Jackson attended a series of meetings in Jonesboro and Memphis on Wednesday following the death of Chavis Carter, arrested by authorities on the night of July 28. Carter was handcuffed, placed in the backseat of a patrol car, and minutes later was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Police have released video of the event, absent a three-minute segment that includes

chavis carter memorial

A simple memorial placed at the scene of Chavis Carter’s death.

the moment of Carter’s death. An autopsy performed by the Arkansas State Crime Lab ruled the death a suicide, but Jackson and others question the ASCL’s ruling and the lack of details released in the case.

“The authorities are giving what amounts to a Houdini explanation for how a handcuffed man, left-handed, could shoot himself in the right side of his head,” Jackson said. “This smells like a cover-up and the stench is growing.”

Jackson said Carter’s family asked him to contact the U.S. Justice Department calling for an independent investigation of the case. Earlier in the day, he met with Carter’s mother at The Cochran Firm in Memphis.

The crime lab report showed Carter’s blood contained trace amounts of methamphetamine, marijuana and anti-anxiety medications at the time of his arrest.

Two arresting officers searched Carter twice, who was wearing only boxer shorts and a t-shirt before placing him under arrest. Jackson and others now question how police missed Carter’s alleged possession of a handgun.

The Carter case has prompted a number of accusations against the Jonesboro Police

jonesboro chief of police mike yates

Jonesboro, Arkansas Chief of Police Mike Yates

Department with allegations of racial profiling and claims that officers target minorities in low-income neighborhoods.

chavis carter and jesse jackson

Rev. Jesse Jackson organizes a peaceful march calling for the release of more details in the death of Chavis Carter in Jonesboro, AR on July 28.

Some have called for the resignation of police chief Mike Yates, further claiming he left his previous position in Americus, Georgia under questionable terms. Claimants have produced no such evidence against Yates.

One JPD officer speaking on condition of anonymity said further details will be released soon, making it clear Carter’s death was indeed a suicide. He said arresting officers in their search, did, in fact, miss a .380 caliber handgun in Carter’s possession.

“It’s a horrible, horrible thing any time when something like this happens,” he said. “But accidents do happen. I searched a man twice in one case and missed an eight-inch knife on him. It’s just a miracle he didn’t use the gun to fire on the officers.”

The officer said he believed Jackson’s visit complicated the divide between African-Americans and the JPD.

“He’s supposed to be an educated man, and everyone would be a lot better off if he waited to get the facts before passing judgment in a case like this. It’ll be clear soon how all this came about.”


One Click…

You wouldn’t expect a 45-year-old guy from Arkansas to be the most techno-savvy knife in the drawer. And that would be right. I’ve always been a late adopter, used people around me who were much smarter than me, and fancied myself as the idea guy.

That was actually a cover-up for technology ignorance, but it was my line and it sounded good.

But I’ve realized it can no longer be that way.

Now as old fogey-ish and backwoodsy (actually I live in the middle of a fairly progressive MSA) as this will sound, the world sure is a changin’ fast Jethro.

I cannot believe the speed at which business now changes – literally by the hour. In order to truly succeed over the long term no longer can I be just the idea guy. I have to understand how this stuff works.

In the five minutes it took to write this much so far, there were some 300 million FB hits and viewers watched nearly 14 million YouTube videos.

Boy, do I miss my Royal typewriter.

Back in the day (the sarcastic old-guy stuff stops here) we used to believe we were one idea away from success.

I’ve been blogging on wordpress about a month now and haven’t asked a single person for help. Built it all myself, studied it myself, tested things myself and it’s been a great learning experience. One click can make a difference with regard to:

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  • finding the right person with whom you might collaborate – it’s a big world in that regard
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It’s fun to pursue success, and it’s fun to experiment with how to pursue success.

But it’s more fun to have success.

I think I may be just one click away…