Announcing “Buena Vista”

Buena Vista


After three weeks we are pleased to kick off this work week with the announcement of our first major property offering in a new development you have to see to believe.

We call it Buena Vista (Good Views) Ecuador, and “good views” doesn’t come close to an adequate description.

This property is being released to the market today, and in this new year we will host three complimentary “Discovery Weekends” that can accommodate 12 couples during each weekend.

Come explore, and check out our new website by clicking on the Buena Vista icon to the right, or simply go directly to for more information.

And follow our Facebook fan page “PRO Ecuador Marketing” for real-time updates on this project.


This Little House Was Made of Cement

The work is coming along rapidly now on our South American home in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. Dana and I are getting more eager each day to take make the trip exactly four months from today.

Ours is not the only home under construction in the Manabi Province. To view photos of the beautiful coastal Las Palmas development, please see and read about our friends, Gary and April Scarborough who are developing this land we call the New West.


Front of the house with the second floor balcony (right) and patio (left) taking shape.

puerto cayo ecuador

Back door entrance and cement has made it all around the first level.

puerto cayo ecuador

Northwesterly view facing the Pacific, and the forms on the third-floor rooftop patio are in place. Going to be a great elevated view from there.

puerto cayo ecuador

Stairway up to master suite has been mudded.

puerto cayo ecuador

This guy is doing a really neat job. As you can see, electrical and water lines are actually buried in the cement walls. The cement helps regulate the house temperature. It can get hot on the coast one degree south of the equator.

puerto cayo ecuador

Mudding another electrical line.

puerto cayo ecuador

Smoothing the exterior south wall.

puerto cayo ecuador

South wall ground level complete.

puerto cayo ecuador

Mixing at the machine. It’s the “dry season” in Ecuador. You can tell by the overcast skies.

puerto cayo ecuador

Please see today’s additional posts @ and

International Living in the Making

It took a few weeks to realistically conceive how construction of a home could be managed from another continent 5,000 miles from the building site. But with the aid of electronic media … email, interconnected blogs, skype, and international bank wire transfers, it’s doable.

We’re having fun watching the weekly photos come in that detail the construction of our la pequena casa azul en la colina in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. Our next visit to see the finished product will be December 21 to January 1 and we can hardly wait.

These are the most recent construction photos sent our way on Monday. This home, which sits on an elevated hill overlooking miles of South Pacific coast, will have marble floors, the finest wood finishes and beautiful Latin American craftsmanship for between $45 and $50 per square foot.

Currently, we’re in discussions with International Living magazine to have this home and our blogging adventures featured in the upcoming September issue.

If you have questions about expatriate living in Ecuador, please contact me, via this site, or contact our friends Gary and April Scarborough @


The facade of the home, living area on left, kitchen on right and our bedroom, office areas and covered patio on the second floor.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

Facing the southwest, putting the finishing touches on the master bath area.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

Finished second floor construction. When the flat roof is constructed, we’ll have a third-floor elevation for even more spectacular views, cookouts and fun with friends.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

The northeast corner of the master suite.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

Back side of the master suite facing the mountains. The road, barely visible through the back window is known as La Ruta del Sol (The Sun’s Route) that connects many beachside villages along the western coast.

home construction in puerto cayo ecuador

Stairway leading up to the master suite and our two office areas.

home construction in puerto cayo ecuador

Already our favorite “room” in the house, the second floor covered patio facing the South Pacific where we can watch the handiwork of God‘s sunsets every single night.

home construction in puerto cayo ecuador

For more details and photos of our Ecuadorian adventure, visit


It’s Lonely in Hilton Garden Inn #309

309 and doin’ fine?

It’s hard not blogging.

It’s been just more than eight days since my last post, and since I abhor the blogs that “apologize” for having been away so long, I’ll not do that. My absence was intentional, for a purpose, and I honestly didn’t expect to return so soon.

But I’m alone. On business, in Effingham, IllinoisHilton Garden Inn, my only friend a frisco melt and onion rings from across the street, and I’m bored. So I’ve returned to the blog, my trusted sidekick.

Like my tattoos, this frisco melt, onion rings and malt, sounded like a good idea at the time.

Yes, the break from blogging was by design, for a purpose, and the job at hand is finished, so I’ve returned in my loneliness while in this two-queen, no-smoking suite.

It was a productive eight days. Book-wise I:

  • Completed the first draft of my first non-fiction work with many edits and re-writes scheduled for this weekend.
  • Started production of a 2:30-minute promotional video trailer.
  • Began the website design.
  • Secured domains for the trilogy.
  • Kicked in some extra work to develop a workbook, prayerbook and workshops that will ride the big brother’s coattails.
  • Had a long-awaited conversation with my editor.
  • Hung my head in shame when said editor chastised and ordered me to stop promoting a book that’s months away from publication.

In another area of life:

  • Got new photos of our home construction in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. It’s exciting.
  • Thought about some entrepreneurial ventures down there.
  • Got a couple of business sponsorships on our blog at
  • Accepted a gracious invitation from International Living magazine to submit a story about blogging to support our international adventures.

    The “walls” are going up in Cayo, and we’re excited.

And in other news…

  • Watched Chick-fil-A accidentally pull off the greatest marketing campaign in the history of the world simply by stating its already-known core values.
  • Cringed as Mitt Romney offended nine out of every 10 citizens on the European continent.
  • Followed the story of the Mississippi couple who couldn’t be married in a “white” church because they are black.
  • Read the case a 1950s-era Russian gymnast who makes that she, not Michael Phelps, is the greatest olympian of all time. For the record, I think she’s right.
  • Doubted we’d ever catch China in the medal count.
  • While driving 500 miles to this town, found a cool new Sirius radio station that prompted me to take Iphone notes on new songs to buy as I endangered the lives of many along Illinois I-57.
  • Read a surprise post from my wife today, who said she thought I was neat,

    My Dana.

    and that I had a voice like thunder. Said post substantially escalated my testosterone levels. You can read her work at

  • On day-one of business travel, ate a Wendy’s double with cheese for lunch, and a Steak & Shake frisco melt with a vanilla malt for dinner, and fully expect to vomit in a bit.

Ya’ll expect another post soon. It’s pretty boring here.

I guess there’s always the third-floor view of Wal-Mart.

Yes, it’s great to be back on the blog. Even if it is from Room 309.