Daddy, They Came!!!



My simple pleasure. The majestic purple martin.

Just before you you left us, you asked me to take care of a few things. You knew I would do them, but I’m glad you asked, anyway.

What you didn’t know is that I planned to carry on some of your favorite traditions – in honor of you, and for my own pleasure as well.

After you left us, I went to the farm and dug your martin houses from the ground. You had set them well. After digging four feet down into the sand, I finally got them out, and onto the trailer. It wasn’t easy, but I did it.

I brought them over the 30-mile drive to Jonesboro, repainted them, and set them in the best place I could find. I knew you would say it wasn’t the best location, but it was the best I had.

Just as you did, I tracked the martins on the internet. When I saw the migration was getting close, I watched every day … but they never came. I kept hearing you say, it wasn’t the right place.

Dana and I went on a vacation last week. I saw you in the sunset there on the beach, then looked back and saw a rainbow over the mountains. It was your promise. I knew it.

We got home a few days ago, dad, and you wouldn’t believe it. The martins came!

I’m so happy!

You sent them here didn’t you?

Oh, daddy, you should see them.  They are so majestic and magnificent. They soar with beauty and the sing to the heavens. I can’t believe it.

I know now why it made you so happy. I sit and watch them, and I can’t take my eyes off them.

Oh my, Daddy, the martins came!!!

PS: I have your BB gun to keep the bad birds away… and the squash in the garden looks good too…

What Would it Look Like if… (Part 2)

  • You responded to that newspaper ad about the need for foster parents for at-risk children, physically challenged and developmentally disabled?
  • You took just a moment to stand in the rain?
  • When in the fast-food line you paid for the order of the single mom right behind you?
  • You had a garage sale and secretly gave all the money to the fragile man at the bus stop?
  • You invited your neighbor over for dinner?
  • You turned off American Idol and read the Word?
  • You took your wife a cup of coffee tomorrow morning before she ever got out of bed?
  • You took a moment to say thanks to a veteran?
  • You sat down with an older couple and asked them how in the world they stayed married 50 years?
  • You stood outside a hospice and prayed?
  • You flashed a smile to the garbage man?
  • You took a course in Spanish?
  • You took your family on a mission trip?
  • You planned your meals for a week from the Farmer’s Market?
  • You asked your grandmother about the most difficult circumstance of her life?
  • You looked up your old buddies from your junior high basketball team and told them you think of them almost every day – still.
  • You threw a dart on a map and just went there.
  • You looked for some ways to respect your husband?
  • You passed on the ice cream for a month?
  • You wrote down a plan for the rest of your life?
  • You talked to God as if He were right beside you?
  • You developed a personal mantra?
  • You chose five of these things and committed to do them over the next 40 days and then considered whether it might be worth it to do five more?
  • I did that myself?