Pocket Squares – The Elusive Perfection

An as-usual sophisticated post by a blogging buddy to the North. He’s answered one of my long-sought questions on pocket square style.

Project 40

This post is for you my amigo senor Steve Watkins who wanted to know more about folding pocket squares. Here you go buddy,  I hope you are enjoying your Ecuadorian adventure.

I love this picture. Perfect dimple, perfect pocket square.
I love this picture. Perfect dimple, perfect pocket square.

  • Let me start out first by saying, the four folds discussed in the video above are the only folds I like. I’ve tried all of them, they’re very easy to fold and I think the video does a great job explaining how to do it. I’m not a fan of the really fancy folds I sometimes see men sporting. Keep it simple I say.

My favorite fold is the Traditional, worn very well by style icon Nick Wooster.
My favorite fold is the Traditional, worn very well by style icon Nick Wooster.

  • As a general rule your pocket square should compliment your shirt and tie. But it should never be an exact match to your tie. Never, ever. Never. Ever.

New Picture (1)
The pocket square compliments the shirt…

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All About Baths…

Interesting facts about your daily routine…

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Moment Matters

Take a 15-day long bath and you own a record.

In medieval times, bathing is seen as an indulgence to sexual desires. It is also believed that when water touches your naked self, it’ll cause an illness. But the black plaque reversed the plate and urged people to clean up, since washing up with vinegar, wine or warm water seemed to save lives.

Only those in authority, kings and lords, have access to a tub with petals and lavish embroideries. The peasants have limited access to baths, lucky if they have soap. They bring their families in public bath, so imagine stripping down in front of your parents and brother.

A rumor says that Elizabeth I of England takes her bath every month. In the early 19th century, people wash their hands, feet and face in regularity. The rest of the body was washed in weeks.

Lucky us that…

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This Little House Was Made of Cement

The work is coming along rapidly now on our South American home in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. Dana and I are getting more eager each day to take make the trip exactly four months from today.

Ours is not the only home under construction in the Manabi Province. To view photos of the beautiful coastal Las Palmas development, please see www.laspalmasecuador.com and read about our friends, Gary and April Scarborough who are developing this land we call the New West.


Front of the house with the second floor balcony (right) and patio (left) taking shape.

puerto cayo ecuador

Back door entrance and cement has made it all around the first level.

puerto cayo ecuador

Northwesterly view facing the Pacific, and the forms on the third-floor rooftop patio are in place. Going to be a great elevated view from there.

puerto cayo ecuador

Stairway up to master suite has been mudded.

puerto cayo ecuador

This guy is doing a really neat job. As you can see, electrical and water lines are actually buried in the cement walls. The cement helps regulate the house temperature. It can get hot on the coast one degree south of the equator.

puerto cayo ecuador

Mudding another electrical line.

puerto cayo ecuador

Smoothing the exterior south wall.

puerto cayo ecuador

South wall ground level complete.

puerto cayo ecuador

Mixing at the machine. It’s the “dry season” in Ecuador. You can tell by the overcast skies.

puerto cayo ecuador

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Gotta Have the Jacket…

Came across this photo from a fellow blogger.

Yes, this is a man with self-assurance.

I must have the jacket. If anyone comes across this stylish masterpiece, please tell me where I can get it!

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