Let it Rain


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 7.58.40 AM

They’re calling it the Maya Express.

Everything has to have a name today. We assign personalities to the most intangible stuff now. But I actually like this one.

Whatever they call it, it spells a lot of rain for where I live over the next few days. It began raining last night and will continue through most of the weekend.

This isn’t just your average, every-day rain. We’re in for a lot of rain. The Maya Express lives when weather patterns from deep in the Gulf of Mexico and the western Pacific combine and push tropical moisture northward through parts of the Deep South. Prognosticators say we may receive as much as nine inches. In Arkansas, we’re in the bullseye.

I say, “Let it Rain.”


When I was on pilgrimage in Spain last year, I had kind of a “walking prayer” that I meditated on almost constantly. Sometimes I thought about it quite consciously. Other times, it was a prayer that was deep in the back of my mind. It’s the kind of prayer Paul described that we can pray “without ceasing.” It was simple and uncomplicated. I prayed this:

“Show me your Glory, Lord. Let it Rain.”

I was surrounded by lots of people from around the world on pilgrimage, but it was also very much a solo experience. I love my family, truly I do, but I’m much better for them, and me, when I have some time alone. They would vouch for that. I wanted the Camino for selfish, alone time with God, and I prayed that He would demonstrate His magnificent glory for me on a daily basis. I wanted Him to show it to me in such a way that it literally poured down on me like rain. I didn’t care how wet I got. I prayed for a flood.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.34.37 AMHe answered the prayer, not in the way I expected, but according to His own purpose. Over 500 miles God showed me His glorious creation, the decency of His people and the resilience of our spirit made in His image. He showered His glory down on me each day there, and He hasn’t stopped yet. He’s raining down on me in a way now like never before. I’ve never experienced such peace. The flood keeps coming.

Over the last few months, Dana and I have had tax scares, unexpected bills, things have gone awry literally all across our house, and we’ve lost some of our closest friends and mentors. And it’s funny how it hasn’t rattled us one bit. Honestly, everything’s fine.

The Maya Express doesn’t phase me. I say, “Open the Floodgates. Let it Rain.” I’m still praying that prayer today, and I’m not gonna stop.





2 thoughts on “Let it Rain

  1. Steve
    Your aunt Neala is my dear friend
    Always speaks of your wonderful writings
    I would like to receive your blog
    If you would put me on the list

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