Two Lists of 10: New Post-Camino Commitments to Myself

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“Do you know why people are prone to make such foolish moral decisions? Because something always whispers to us that our situations are unique: Nobody has ever felt this way before.” ~ Andy Stanley

10 Things I’ve Decided I’ll No Longer Do:

1. Watch any form of cable news.

2. Care about sports aside from pure entertainment.

3. Eat junk.

4. Use social media to babysit my boredom.

5. Debate issues of conflict such as guns, immigration, sexual orientation, or the candidacy of any political figure.

6. Care about any political figure.

7. Worry whether my socks match the rest of my “outfit.” Seriously. I don’t need that stress in my life.

8. Engage in conversations where we’re discussing, or saying things that simply aren’t true, and you and I both know it, so why are we doing it? (i.e. “I’ve missed you SO much.” … well, why haven’t you come to see me, then?)

9. Plan almost anything. And go more places on a whim. Many more.

10. Discuss how much I care about something unless I’m actively committed to make a difference or do something about it.


10 Things I’ve Decided I’ll Do More Frequently:

1. Hold my wife’s hand, and hug her more.

2. Do more things for my mom.

3. Enjoy a hot shower and warm blanket.

4. Enjoy sweating and do it purposefully each day.

5. Grow more of my own food and cook with natural ingredients.

6. Acts of random, anonymous kindness. And then stay quiet about it.

7. Watch and care for the birds in my backyard.

8. Write with transparency. And be a better listener. And pray with greater intention and expectation. And use this phrase more in everyday conversation: “Suck it up, buttercup.”

9. Read with an open heart and mind.

10. Go completely out of my way to help and love people from other cultures. We’re kinda in all this together, right?


10 thoughts on “Two Lists of 10: New Post-Camino Commitments to Myself

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  2. When you walk the Camino things look different when you come home. I also feel exactly how your feeling. I finished my Camino Oct. 3, 2015. I want to stay strong healthy and loving. Thank you for all your post Steve!!!! 🙂 your friend Ellen

  3. Thanks for sharing your trip with the rest of us. Many are past that time, but can gain insight from your trip. May your trip make a difference in others lives for the good of all.

  4. Just want to let you know, I came to your blog backwards ( somewhat like the way HGTV filmed your episode ). I really enjoyed your Camino photographs , thoughts and interviews. I like your blog writing very much. And look forward to the book and documentary. I probably will be a reader without comment…there’s plenty to reflect on here. May you keep doing what you were meant to do , to the Glory of God.
    Karen Montieth , APOC

    • Thank you, Karen. I just woke up from a nap and actually woke up understanding how to begin the book. You’re going to be the first to know how the book begins. Chapter 1. “Day 40: 12 miles to Santiago.” Vaya con Dios.

  5. I have been back from my second Camino for almost two years now (plus, I followed this up with another Camino journey here in Western Australia) and I find myself still sticking to the resolves I made, albeit sub-consciously, following these amazing journeys. I’ve enjoyed thoroughly reading your blog to date Steve and will be looking forward to reading your book when it is published (I am being positive here). All the best for a safe and a happy Christmas with your loved ones.

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