Expat Prep: Our Checklist

Making a list, and checking it twice…

Las Palmas Ecuador

expat preparation for ecuador

When you do something you’ve never done before, sometimes, you just have to “feel” your way through it.

And it’s one thing to buy a new house, or a car, or change jobs where you are, but when you’re preparing to do all those things in a country 6,000 miles away, the concept takes on a whole new meaning.

Today, Dana and I find ourselves 42 days out from a move that includes all those things and much more.

For the last five months, we’ve worked long-distance with Gary and April Scarborough at www.laspalmasecuador.com  to buy property and build a home from the ground up in Puerto Cayo. It’s a matter of days now, before the home is complete, and for the most part, it’s been easier than building a house where we were on site.

Funny thing is, the house building was the easy part. Now, with 42 days and counting…

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6 thoughts on “Expat Prep: Our Checklist

  1. Steven,
    I see Rosetta Stone sitting on your desk. May I suggest you deep six Rosetta Stone for learning Spanish (Latin America type) and look into Radiolingua.com. A world of difference between the two and for me Radiolingua.com (and that is their complete URL; no “www”) was 100 times better preparing me for a lengthy trip thru France.


    • That’s awesome, Rhonda! Just let me know if I can help. There are hundreds of things I wish I’d known BEFORE I went, and then again when I hit the ground. You’re making the right decision by investigating now. Prices are only going up. AND anything you do now is a huge investment. Not that we believe everything we read, …but I’ve read that property values will likely increase 5 to 10xs over the next 5 years. I’m really excited for you guys.

      • Guayaquil is preferable, an will leave you with a 2.5 hour drive by rental car.

        Quito fares can sometimes be cheaper but leaves you with 2 alternatives- a very hard 8-hour drive, OR, a domestic flight via Tame or Aerogale to Manta, then a 45 minute drive to Cayo. On your first visit DO NOT attempt to drive in Quito or Guayaquil. Get a rental car and pay a taxi drive $5 to lead you out of town and get you going in the proper direction. These towns have 3 and 7 million people respectively and there are no driving rules. I’m not kidding.

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