(in the Bible) Occurring frequently at the end of a verse in Psalms and Habakkuk, probably as a musical direction.

As a “re-dedicated Christian” sometime in the summer of 2004, I first became familiar with the word in a secular sort of way.

The “Christian” music genre became one of my favorites and I came upon the works of a group by this very name. The track “Oh, Draw Me, Lord,” from Selah‘s 2002 Press On album is still high on my song list today. It has only nine words, and it’s a song to which I often just close my eyes and get lost.

From its Hebrew origination, the word is one not easily translated. Scholars say some simple possibilities may be:

  • “stop and listen.”
  • “pause and think of that.”
  • “so be it.” (my favorite interpretation)
  • “forever.”

“Selah,” is found 73 times in the book of Psalms and another three times in Habakkuk. I think about the word a lot. These are 10 things to which today, I say, “Selah.”

1. Today, the church I attend, Fellowship Bible Church in Jonesboro, AR, will dedicate a new church plant, 25 miles down the road in Paragould. Through an intentional approach to reaching out to others through missional communities, the new church will likely begin with a bigger numerical membership than its parent. Not that numbers have anything to do with the price of beans, but it’s a great thing. Selah.

2. I’m thankful for all the things I’ve “unlearned” about the Christian faith over the last couple of years. I’m thankful that none of us, on the day of judgment, will be asked to present our resume, and that our transcript’s already been torn apart. I’m thankful we’ll be seen through the eyes of the Son, who’s completed a finished work. Selah.

3. I’m thankful for the recent opportunity and vision to gather a group of leaders from our “white” and “black” church community … to bring us together and reach

black churches and white churches

With my friend, Pastor Ray Scales of New Mt. Zion Church in Jonesboro, AR.

out across the lines of discomfort … to talk about unity … and see how we might all make a difference together. Selah.

4. As I write, the sun’s coming up in the east, and it’s a new day full of mercy and forgiveness. Joy cometh in the morning. Selah.

5. We don’t have to perform and seek anyone’s approval. I don’t have to wonder about so many things. We are already stamped with the seal of approval, and we are in right standing with God. Selah.

6. The ailing, failing body my dad left earth in seven months ago is no more. It’s perfect, and I hear him laughing with joy every day now. Selah.

7. Among all things, God designed us to have relationships. I have so many great ones all over the world. Selah.

international relationships

Dana and I with our Peruvian friends, Ceasar and Maggie in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador.

8. There’s no such thing as second chances. Our “chances” are infinite. That’s hard to comprehend, but it’s true. Selah.

9. God has given us all so many special gifts. For some unknown reason, He allowed me to be a writer and He encourages me to use that gift more each day. Selah.

10. Each of us is charged with noble ambassadorship, a charge, a mission and purpose. Wow, and Selah.


3 thoughts on “Selah…

  1. Thanks Steve…
    This word has a very special meaning for me.
    The brief time that I spent in college was at Liberty Baptist in Lynchburg, Va. Our yearbook carried the title “Selah”. I owned a camera… so acceptance onto the yearbook staff was simple. The people I photographed, the sites I saw, the experiences I had through this association are with me today. That was ’83-’84 but it feels like yesterday.

    • That’s great to know, Jason. And it’s why I LOVE the blogging world. You never know what connections are going to be made and how. The blog has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me, and in time, it will do the same for you. Over time, I’ve learned a lot about SEO and blog exposure. You’re a really smart guy and you’ll figure it all out too, but if you ever want any tips, I’ll be glad to share.

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