International Living in the Making

It took a few weeks to realistically conceive how construction of a home could be managed from another continent 5,000 miles from the building site. But with the aid of electronic media … email, interconnected blogs, skype, and international bank wire transfers, it’s doable.

We’re having fun watching the weekly photos come in that detail the construction of our la pequena casa azul en la colina in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. Our next visit to see the finished product will be December 21 to January 1 and we can hardly wait.

These are the most recent construction photos sent our way on Monday. This home, which sits on an elevated hill overlooking miles of South Pacific coast, will have marble floors, the finest wood finishes and beautiful Latin American craftsmanship for between $45 and $50 per square foot.

Currently, we’re in discussions with International Living magazine to have this home and our blogging adventures featured in the upcoming September issue.

If you have questions about expatriate living in Ecuador, please contact me, via this site, or contact our friends Gary and April Scarborough @


The facade of the home, living area on left, kitchen on right and our bedroom, office areas and covered patio on the second floor.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

Facing the southwest, putting the finishing touches on the master bath area.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

Finished second floor construction. When the flat roof is constructed, we’ll have a third-floor elevation for even more spectacular views, cookouts and fun with friends.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

The northeast corner of the master suite.

home in puerto cayo ecuador

Back side of the master suite facing the mountains. The road, barely visible through the back window is known as La Ruta del Sol (The Sun’s Route) that connects many beachside villages along the western coast.

home construction in puerto cayo ecuador

Stairway leading up to the master suite and our two office areas.

home construction in puerto cayo ecuador

Already our favorite “room” in the house, the second floor covered patio facing the South Pacific where we can watch the handiwork of God‘s sunsets every single night.

home construction in puerto cayo ecuador

For more details and photos of our Ecuadorian adventure, visit


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