Another Day Trip in Arkansas

(Blogger’s Note: If you enjoy this post, please come back tomorrow, and I’ll show you (in pictures) why the cost of your cheeseburger is about to double, and that’s no joke.)


Sophie stopping for a pose in Oil Trough, Arkansas. If you’re not familiar with Arkansas, this little town is in the middle of what we call Tornado Alley, and it’s been wiped out several times.


Dana cooling down after the float trip.

dana watkins

Lunch at Mikey’s Deli in Mountain View. Note the dead animal in the background.


Self-portrait before launching on our White River float trip.

White River Float

…and we’re off for a 2-hour float.

arkansas white river

Hummingbirds in action feeding at the home of my friends Cindy and Danny Smith.

hummingbird feeder

An Arkansas cliche’. You must have your photo made in the Big Rockin’ Chair.

Mountain View Arkansas

An old Church of Christ building (still active) on the road home.

church of christ

If you go to this church, this is where you go to the bathroom, and that’s no joke. We kidded that it was full of holy crap … (no disrespect intended.)


An old barber shop (one seater) near Batesville, AR.

barber shop

A bit of local Olympic history… this is the home and training grounds for Earl Bell, 1984 bronze medalist in the pole vault. Bell lives in this facility near my home and trains world-class athletes here every day.

earl bell pole vaulter

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