(Blogger‘s Note: This post has been on my mind for several days, but it took a profound hold on me today. My book editor sent some manuscript notes on how to deal with a difficult and complex topic, and this is what he said.)

“Perhaps the most dangerous of Christians, I often think, is the one who believes s/he understands and grasps God‘s truth …gets it fully…and is completely comfortable in his or her own faith. As for me, I squirm and buck inside the dim tube of my own faith, and it’s only the hope of light that keeps me going.” ~ Bradley Harris, esq. – Memphis, TN

I’m a fortunate and blessed writer. Since my first blog post on February 25 of this year, I’ve been read by people in 62 countries. That’s a thrill. Most readers are here in the states, but many are scattered across the globe. Each and every time Americans make certified asses of themselves, I wonder just what the rest of the world must think of us.

We put on a united front, but I doubt there’s a time our country has been more divided.

It’s all because of YOU PEOPLE.


Especially over the last few weeks, I’m reminded of the oft misquoted line…


…frequently, but wrongly attributed to Marie Antoinette, and her perceived misunderstanding of the plight of the poor.

YOU PEOPLE will be fine, she might have said. There’s plenty of cake for everyone.


In just the last few weeks, we’ve seen these things transpire. Things I fear cause the rest of the world to ponder just who we are.

Ann Romney

Three weeks ago in Wales, Ann Romney‘s response to reporters’ repeated inquiries about her her husband’s tax returns was: “We’ve given all YOU PEOPLE need to know.”

It’s fine if you don’t want to give any more, Ann, but reporters are people just like you, and they have a job. And P.S. you were on an international stage.

Days later in Poland, a Romney aide shouts down a

Marie Antoinette

reporter, telling him to “kiss his ass” with the country’s sacred Tomb of the Unknown Soldier yards away.


Two weeks ago, a corporate executive declares his company’s values (his constitutional and capitalist theory rights) and thousands of people decry the very idea, then thousands of self-righteous people line up in support to see how many chicken sandwiches they can buy, then thousands of other self-righteous folks gather to see how long they can kiss in the parking lot.



Finally, last week in Mississippithe clock turns back 150 years and a church says NO – YOU BLACK PEOPLE can’t be married here. This is a white church.

Why couldn’t Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson have been seen as a couple, rather than a “black” couple?

But don’t blame it all on poor, Mississippi. I could walk two blocks from my home and find the same thing.

Is this really who we are? Is it really? It must be.

If you’re a reader outside the states, I’m hungry for your thoughts. From your perspective, how are we viewed here in America? Tell us, my international friends, how are we similar to, or different from, the ways of your culture?

Here’s my promise if you do:

I’ll write a follow-up blog post in the next 48 hours that will include each and every one of your comments.

Come on, Great Britian. Come on, Malaysia. Come on Canada, Ecuador, South Africa, New Zealand and the rest.

Please feel free to comment. We’ve got a thick skin.

Apparently, we all hate each other over here anyway.


6 thoughts on “#YouPeople

      • Just so you know I learned from you posting early in the morning (for me that is after a cup of coffee around 8. lol) is the best way to blog. Thank you for that because it just makes sense. So I will get it on wp in the morning and email you. Btw your post was interesting. I am not sure how I feel about the Romney’s which is a question mark for me. Even though we may differ on some issues, I have learned a great deal from your site and agree “is this who we are?” Is this who we want the world to see? I hate the divisions and they seem to be hitting from so many sides. I sure wish some one would come up with a way to bring unity; well God, but he uses people. I believe people are afraid of the truth, don’t want the truth because they would have to change but if change doesn’t come voluntarily, it won’t be a birthday party. Tell you wife Dana, I already love her.

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  2. If everyone would just try and live by the ten commandments, be kind to ALL God’s creatures and respect everything he has made…..

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