What Would it Look Like if…

1. Church denominations and political parties ceased to exist and everyone just came together for the common good?

2. A group of “rockstar” bloggers came together, adopted a cause, and created a movement that changed the world? Though I’m not a rockstar blogger, the opportunity is here: http://wp.me/p2bjEC-oF

3. Bookstores experienced the same demise as video stores, movie theaters and daily newspapers?

4. The bureaucracy of international adoption was eliminated, streamlined and kids from around the world found loving homes?

5. We returned to the founding principle that our country welcomed the “huddled masses yearning to be free?”

6. We eliminated the death penalty for our own people since, as a nation, we do not endorse the torture of prisoners of war? I just don’t get that.

7. We could buy U.S.-made cars that got 70 miles per gallon? Did you know that we produce such vehicles here now, that can be sold only in the European and South American markets?

8. The major oil companies abandoned their investments in foreign oil fields and flocked to North Dakota where many believe the oil resources there far exceed everything combined in the Middle East?

9. To quote Rodney King: “We all just got along?”

10. Martin Luther King‘s dream really came to pass?


One thought on “What Would it Look Like if…

  1. Good question, Steve. Unfortunately, we still have too much of the Old Nature coursing through us. It will come later.

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