Change the World 2013 Blogger’s Conference: A Follow-Up on Shifting the Paradigm

(Blogger‘s Note: To see the original post about this conference gathering of like-minded individuals see and I encourage you to repost if you know of others who may be interested. ~ steve)


A few days ago I was thinking about the potential would have if they offered an assembly of bloggers. Averaging half a million posts each day, they’ve created one of the most powerful communication mediums on the planet. How magnificent would it be if they organized a “conference” to further educate their users and brainstorm the possibilities?

Then I thought about it some more.

One of the things I admire most about is their low-key approach to organization and putting the tools in OUR hands to allow us to become better than we actually are. It would seem to fit with their “corporate” identity that they would never desire to organize such an effort.

I get that. I admire that.

But it’s still a laughable dream of mine that such a gathering would come to pass.

So what to do?


What if the good people at were just waiting for someone out there in the blogosphere to get the ball rolling? Have they been sitting around a virtual conference table just wondering if they provided all the tools that someone out there would initiate such a thing?

Have they been sending us subliminal messages that such a thing would be good, and wondering who would become the First Follower inviting others to The Dance?

That was my conclusion, anyway.

Please take three minutes to view this video:


PARADIGM SHIFT: a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory.


There are certain things in this world that we unfortunately accept:

  • Government handouts (in the U.S.) are the solution to an impoverished life.
  • X number of children will be raised in foster care.
  • Some people will never read.
  • Hunger, for some, is a fact of life.
  • Government is broken and unfixable.
  • Warlords will continue to proliferate in the drug world and young children will be enlisted to fight for their cause.
  • The church, as we know it, is withering on the vine.
  • There will always be those without homes, living on the street.
  • International adoption is far too bureaucratic to pursue.

Those are just a few.

What if a MOVEMENT were established by a small group of committed people to shift one or more of those paradigms?

I invite you to consider these things further and contemplate the proposal published yesterday at We’ve already seen a fair degree of interest from that initial post, but I’d like to give adequate time for you to consider this opportunity.

The world’s greatest movements have arisen from a plethora of emotions: compassion, outrage, a higher calling…but mostly they start with a simple step of faith. Consider joining me in that first step.

I admire the work of so many of you who are out there, and can’t help but believe we can pool our collective talents to do something significant. Give it some thought and feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Together, I believe we can do something that’s crazy good.

Very sincerely yours,

Steve Watkins


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