Change the World 2013 Blogger’s Summit

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead


This is an idea in the making. Let me know if you may have interest, so that it may be further developed.

We are all on a mission – destined for something. Something that is bigger than ourselves. I’m curious about what it may be for a yet unknown group of us.

My wife, Dana and I, are interested in hosting a small-group bloggers conference at our vacation home in Puerto Cayo, Ecuador, most likely for a period of several days in June of 2013. I’m giving plenty of notice so that you may give this thought, prayer or whatever type consideration to which you are led.

There is no “charge” for this conference. You will be responsible only for travel, and your own expenses while there. Ecuador (except for airfare) is a very cheap destination.

The vision is for a group of smart, caring, people to come together, pool their collective communication expertise and use it for some higher purpose – one for which I believe a group of us is destined.

To qualify you need only:

  • Let me know of your general interest within 30 days of today. I will accept that any response means you are interested only in learning more about the possibilities.
  • Share with me any number of dreams you have to make a difference in the world.
  • Prepare yourself to have a very good time.
  • Enjoy the company of “thinking” people.
  • Know that your entire family is welcome.
  • Be very good at whatever it is you do.
  • Know that we will limit participation to 12 families or individuals.
  • Know that we will be discussing creating a MOVEMENT, whatever that may be. The inspiration is here:

Yes, it’s vague. That’s how good things start.

If you have an interest message me privately via wordpress or at Make your subject line: Change the World 2013.

If  you want to know more about me go here:

And if you know of others who may have interest, feel free to repost.

Sincerely yours,

Steve Watkins

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