100 Posts: So Throw Me a Bone


Four months into the WordPress experience, I’m now 100 posts deep.

So first, help me celebrate the milestone experience; if you occasionally enjoy the blog, ever learned anything, or if it made you think for but a moment, make my day and hit the “follow” button and I’ll celebrate all day long.

Even though I’m in the midst of a series of posts, I wanted to break stride and mention a few of my favorite things about the 100 milestone mark.

Here are a few of my favorite reader comments over the last four months:

  • I’ve just been thinking about how unbalanced my life is lately and also pushing back against the philosophy that excellence requires us to win at all costs. You’ve just flipped my switch with the entry about living life generously and fully with the intention to succeed together in the best way we know how. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-7v
  • Agree. Disagree. Agree…good post. Made me think about where I stand on three issues. I like people who make me think. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-7d
  • Steve: most of the time I agree with your blog, but not today. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-7d
  • When dark seems all-encompassing, the Light is still there. Thanks for making your readers think. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-66
  • I wept when I read this. Hold on to the beautiful memories. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-5r
  • It’s beautiful, Steve. I’m sure your dad was (and is) proud of the man you’ve become. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-hH
  • Simple, yet packed with power. Thanks for this wonderful reminder. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-hm
  • Good words. Words I’ve had to listen to myself before. Thankful for grace. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-dY
  • Your title intrigued me … and I was not disappointed after I read it. I love it when I am challenged regarding how I act, react and think. That is what this post did. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-9z
  • Good thing you put the disclaimer at the end. I was about to tell you: Dream on Dude! http://wp.me/p2bjEC-9g
  • Thank God for Dana (my wife) because if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have my best friend back in my life. Love you both. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-7N
  • I’m learning a lot about God and Light through your blog. http://wp.me/p2bjEC-2l

These are just a couple of my favorite photos from the past 100 posts:

Mom, me and my Dad in 1991. One of our best cotton crops ever.

Sunset on the Pacific coast of Puerto Cayo, Ecuador.

My wife, Dana, one of the ways I love her best.

Another great shot of Dana on the Pacific Beach. Smokin.

My beautiful girls. Emma and Sophie.

But this is the image that probably inspires me most. After 100 posts; 6,324 hits in 47 countries. I love this.

For a related post on my secondary blog you can go here: http://wp.me/p2wzTk-1o

5 thoughts on “100 Posts: So Throw Me a Bone

  1. I guess I have to follow this even tho I always read it on FB. I know I’ve had profound comments (hehe) but since they weren’t on WordPress you couldn’t share. My profoundness needs to be shared. (I REALLY hope you recognize the sarcasm here and no one really thinks I’m being a smart a$$. ) keep up the good work.

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