A Delta Prayer

Sunset on the Arkansas Delta

Across the azure sky you grace, southeast to slight northwest,

You pass above the fertile land, and we hope the very best.

A litte rain is all we ask,

To help the crop bear yield,

This is what we love to do, for our livelihood’s in the field.

Checking on our soybean crop earlier this Spring. My wife surprised me with this photo she took from the truck.

So stir up mighty clouds, oh sun,

Bring thunderheads Delta’s way,

All we ask is a little rain, so the farmers can have another day.

We pledge our best to love the land,

For caretakers is all we are,

We’re reminded who really owns the land, when we see the evening stars.

A little rain is all we ask,

Dear Lord, as we close this day,

And we pledge to give you the honor and praise,

For Your’s is the only Way.

Things are looking great, so far.

So we thank  you for the rain to come,

And for the sun we give thanks too.

We put our crops in Your dear hand,

And count our blessings, through and through.

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