The “Journalists” of Today.

I’ve talked about this before, and couldn’t agree more… Great post.

Jill of All Trades...Expert of None!

There have been enough mumbles in my posts about Nancy Grace for you to know that I have an issue with her rants and question her method of hosting what should be a serious

media program.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet had time to sit and explain my issues, but plan on doing so shortly….

A reader posted an interesting point yesterday about Ann Curry.  I don’t watch this show, but here is what he said:

Ann Curry is not being fired from co-hosting The Today Show (NBC) because everyone hates her…that’s ridiculous!  She is not a good news anchor nor is she a good journalist because she simply doesn’t understand those very complicated topics…like politics, economics, foreign affairs…but she does know how to act sincere…when to lower her voice…and to cast her eyes downward…but that is just acting like she cares.  I have had a difficult time following her interviews…

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