Move Aside Dos Equis Man: It’s the Most Interesting Best Friend in the World

The Most Interesting Best Friend in the World (to me since the 5th grade), Brady Cornish.

He is a man rich in stories and experiences. The most interesting best friend in the world believes life should be lived – well – interestingly.

  • His scorecard on a round of golf reads simply – 18.
  • And thus, he, himself, coined the phrase – “tee to green.”
  • For every season since its inception, “The Bachelor” has courted his greatness, yet he is consistently otherwise detained.
  • In a game of ping-pong, he scores immediately after “ping.”
  • His pristine Bermuda grass lawn is imported – from Bermuda.
  • He’s been named “Mr. Buffalo Island” for 46 consecutive years.
  • When on a low-carb diet, he actually consumes “negative”carbs.
  • Flip any coin in his expansive collection, and it always comes up “heads.” His head, of course.
  • In a friendly game of black jack, dealers graciously invite him to “triple-down.”
  • As for his 1-a-day vitamin regimen. He’s taken only one vitamin – Ever.
  • Out of respect, Tornado Alley takes a detour around his hometown.
  • His vocabulary exceeds that of Merriam Webster.
  • Few people know this. Very few. Dos Equis called him first to represent their product. He cordially responded with a polite, “Thank you. But no.”
  • He owns a fleet of cocker spaniels to groom HIS golden locks.
  • He was strongly courted to light the torch of the XXX Olympiad, yet fire fears him.

Jonathan Goldsmith portrays Dos Aquis Man, The Most Interesting Man in the World, inspired by Fernando Lamas.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

(Bloggers note: A tribute to my best friend, Brady Cornish. Sitting around thinking up garbage like this is some of the most fun we have together. Seriously, he’s the best friend a man could have. I’d cut my heart out for him if he needed it. )

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