Going on a Binge

BINGE – an act of excessive or compulsive consumption…

Twenty-four hours from now, I’m going on a 60-hour binge – a writing binge that is.

If you’re like me, you necessarily live your life in compartments – work, play, family time, hobbies, service, etc.

Our hope is that the lessons from the good compartments somehow permeate over into the not-so-good ones and that, in the process, we somehow find a pleasing life balance.

Unfortunately, I live life in binges.

Never have I been able to do a little bit of anything. I can’t just run 3 miles, it has to be 10; can’t just plant a small garden, it has to be an acre-plot; can’t just grill a few burgers and steaks, it has to be enough to feed the entire neighborhood.

And to be effective, I can’t just write effectively in spurts, it has to be extended, focused, dedicated time with a closed door, silence and no distractions. It has to be hours, not just an hour. And sometimes, days.

The book is now written and complete in my head, but it does me nor anyone else any good in that foggy place. It’s time for the vision to move through the heart, pass though the fingertips and onto the keyboard.

The interviews are complete; I see the pages; the sidebars are tucked away in the right corner of my brain; the graphics are in sight; I see the bolds, the itals and the garamond fonts; and the cover, it’s a thing of beauty to me.

But alas, they are but a vision. It’s time to let the Light produce the vision so all can see it.

The 60-hour binge is almost here.

I’ll see you when the binge is over.

I hope the hangover’s not too bad.


4 thoughts on “Going on a Binge

  1. I completely understand! I could very easily be in the same boat that you’re floating in.

    Hang in there … I look forward to hear about the fruits of your labor.

  2. My usual pattern for writing is that “stuff” swirls around in my mind until I get to the point where I can no longer “not write,” then the flood gates start to open. I’ve never quite understood those folks who write for, say, two hours every day, plodding along until their project is completed. I suppose that can work, just not for me.

    • Me either, Rich. So many people have told me … just write an hour a day or a thousand words a day and you’ll get there. I just can’t do it and won’t try any longer. I’m going to embrace my style and go with it. It’s worked fairly well for 45 years, so why trash a good thing, right? I’ve got that “swirling” issue, too … and I like that things swirl around for a while. I understand getting to the point where you can’t “not write.” I’m there, so I’m headed into the hole for the next three days. Thanks so much for sharing, and helping me understand I’m not crazy!

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