Band-Aids & Light

“You are my lamp, O Lord; the Lord turns my darkness into Light.” – 2nd Samuel 22:29

Have you ever experienced a wound and a Band-Aid just didn’t do the trick?

Band-Aids cover wounds temporarily. They hide them. Protect them for a while, but the Band-Aid’s not a permanent fix. Eventually the Band-Aid must be painfully ripped off and exposed.

Phototherapy is a proven medical treatment for the healing of wounds. Light actually heals wounds.

There is healing in the Light…

If there’s anything that hurts more than a physical wound, it’s a spiritual wound. They go deep. They hurt. Left untreated, they spread, fester and bleed. They affect the very essence of who we are. But there’s an answer.

The answer is the Light.

God promises healing Light. God is the Light, and if God is in us, my friends, his Word says we are the Light.

I’ve been in the darkness. Maybe you have too. Take a wound with you into a dark room and stay there for months and the wound won’t heal. Go to the Light. It’s probably right there by your bedside.

It’s a beautiful sunshiny day here in Northeast Arkansas.

I’m going to get some Light.

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