Dark vs. Light (research; please comment)

Dear Blogging Friends:

I’m currently conducting some independent research on dark vs. light for a book manuscript I’m putting together. I would love you to comment on this philisophical question:

If you are in a dark room and you flip on the light switch, where does the darkness go?

Thanks in advance for your contributions.

5 thoughts on “Dark vs. Light (research; please comment)

  1. When I flip on a light switch the darkness ceases…that is the way I see it. I don’t think there is a source for physical darkness as in something emitting it/giving it out…darkness is a product of what is NOT there…a product of the absence of light. In a way, darkness helps to define light.
    I love to think about these things!! Thank you for the challenging question.

  2. I wrote a poem about this once. I don’t think the dark ever totally goes away; it hides. I think it becomes shadows – under cats, behind people, falling away from houses. I suppose it won’t ever totally go away until the Second Coming. Interesting question!

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