In the Silent Moments

It’s been almost two weeks now since Daddy passed away while lying in quiet hospice room bed.

There are more than enough things going on in life to keep me distracted from the thoughts of my innermost soul, but inevitably there are those quiet moments when the mind is blank and it quickly says to me “daddy’s gone.”

Daddy’s gone.

Every time it happens, I can only shake my head in wonderment.

My Lord, Daddy’s gone.

I actually think a lot about the heavenly realm, but the loss of such a close family member gives you a new perspective and a whole new set of questions.

I can’t quit thinking about what he might be doing. I can’t stop hearing the tone of his voice in my head. I can still smell him.

I wonder if the silent moments will ever be replaced with other thoughts.

It’s hard to believe Daddy’s gone.

My Lord.

4 thoughts on “In the Silent Moments

  1. This made me cry! The older I get…the more I realize how much I don’t know. So sorry for your loss. I took care of my mother for almost the last week of her life back in June. She went into hospice for 3 days and then passed from cancer. It was very hard! Sending you peace and blessings…Sherry

    • Thanks, Sherry. Good things have come from it, though the emptiness wells up in you some times. Writing a book now based on the experiences my dad had in the last few days of his life which were both absolutely phenomenal and utterly sad. You take care, and thank you for the encouragement.

  2. It has been two years since I lost my mom and sister two months apart. I undestand those moments. Those moments do gradually fade but resurface at times. There are time I think about calling them with some question…then I remember they are gone from here.

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