Visual Focus (Part 1)

Distractions are easy for me to come by.

Every so often (being the visual learner that I am) it’s a necessity for me to put my priorities down on paper and keep them prominently placed where I can see them on a daily basis.

Recently, I found myself, thinking it was time to buy a motorcycle and take guitar lessons … diversify myself culturally, if you will. But in early morning quiet time I realized I was falling into the same old cycle of getting involved in too many things and not making a difference in the areas that count. So I’ve streamlined my priorities, put them down on paper and hope to use them to achieve some significant goals in the next six months.

This is how it goes for me:

1. Study the Word.

2. Engage my gifts into my personal ministry projects.

3. Family – attend to their personal well-being and love them.

4. My health … make time to sweat five days a week and eat better.

5. Business – build a strategic plan for additional income.

6. Personal – make some time just for me each week.

7. Invest and create a diversified portfolio for the short and long term.

4 thoughts on “Visual Focus (Part 1)

  1. Why can’t you do one of those? I know time is limited…but that’s the point…we never know how much time we have and you’re just as important as those other bullet points…actually more so!

    • Ha. The motorcycle fever keeps flaring up even since setting those priorities. Just trying to stay focused right now on the book writing that will hopefully produce the revenue streams for what I really want to do in the world which is some mission-focused work in Argentina and Uraguay on a full-time basis by the time I hit 50. A five-book series is in the works now and, cross my fingers, have the opportunityi to visit with an agent next Monday. Exciting stuff … and PS … I love your page. Well put together. Love the “bucket-list.”

  2. You’re both right…unless someone is walking in someone else’s shoes…you can’t help them make a decision about what’s right for their life! I wish you both much success and happiness!

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